Monday, May 7, 2018

Brick Mansion

 Hi everyone, a couple of weeks ago I was inspired by a picture I found online of a building that I thought I so should try to create that.  So I did, it is not a complete match to the house but my version of the house and the picture was my inspiration.  I'm calling it the Brick Mansion since I cant think of a good name to call it.  Lol.. Made so many houses this year I lost my creativity in naming them.   Its made out of paper mache and I used plaster windows I made from a mold.  I ran into an issue which I over distressed the house with sanding off 3 layers of paint I had painted on, which there are pictures below.  I worked for 2 days painting and sanding off to give it an aged looked.  But when it was done it was to overwhelming even for me liking to age or distress a house.  So it lead me to repaint it in white and age it with dry brushing the white.  I hope you like my newest creation.  Well I think I am now at about 19 house completed to take the Fall Miniature Sales Show this year.  I am going to try to take a break from creating to rest a little since this house wore me out taking twice as long to create, which I think is my largest house I created so far.  I hope you all have a wonderful month.   Stan

 This is what the house looked like when I over distressed it.  It was sorta cool looking but too much.  I stared at it for a day just to figure out what to do.  So repainted it and started over.  But then it lead me to second guessing myself of how to lightly age the house without ruining it.

 This is right after I repainted the house in white to cover the distressing I did by sanding too much paint off of it.  I was so tired at this point since I had spent one day just painting 3 layers of color on all the trim and windows before I sanded off the paint to give it the aged look, base color of red, then dark grey and a cream color.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Brick Cafe Building

 Here is the 3rd house that I finished this past month.  I was inspired by a picture i found online and had to try to create a building something like it. I am calling this one the Brick Cafe Building.  I couldn't think of a good name for it.   The past month has wore me out creating the past three houses but when creativity strike I have to create.  I was before in a rush to create houses for the upcoming Fall Sales Show, but just realized I have 16 houses to take to the show this year, so i can take it easy and not work so hard creating them.  But if inspiration does strike I probably will make one or two more so i can have a variety on supply.  This one is one of my newest favorite buildings, with lots of paper mache to create all the bricks and i had a blast digging through my junk drawers to create the electric pole and the lighted signs.  I think i spend more time creating all the little details like the electric pole and floor tiles and signs than it takes me to create the houses.  But i love trying to create something from junk.  I hope you all enjoy and it brings inspiration to create.  Have a wonderful week.  Stan